DavisMicro is where you can shop for something bigger than just cheap high-quality electronics – this is the e-shop where you can also polish up your purchase with all imaginable kinds of accessories. They are based in Shenzhen, close to all the local manufacturers they deal with, which lets them cut their prices considerably.

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  1. waterbanyan says:

    it is a good company,all products have high quality and reasonable price, i like it.

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  2. Sultan says:

    forget to get someone that speak English they only have people that can say we ship to you tomorrow if you say anything more they start talking chines and start laughing. 14 days later at least 10 phone calls and 3 emails lie after lie still not shipped wish me luck i think it is part of that country culture to lie. look like the customer service is the worst you will never get to talk to manager if their is one. when you ask the name they all call themselves Jane somebody had told them it makes you sound american and people will trust you or they are ashamed of their names I spoke at least to 10 agents they say their name is Jane some day people in world learn not to trust people from that country I learned my lesson never again. companies like this make every good chines around world look like $#*!. After this happydeal I will try not to buy any $#*! that has name of china on it I am so sick of their leis shame on business man like that.all I am asking them to be honest with their customer(me)even for ones they can not do that.

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  3. Noah Easton says:

    I have purchased from this ‘ahappydeal’ several times over the last year. The products are cheap Chinese knockoffs, which to be honest are decent products but despite this I am strongly urging people to not order from this website. The main reason? They censor real reviews and post fake reviews.

    For example, I purchased a pair of headphones and wrote a review about them. I explained that the description was completely false — not real metal as described but actually flimsy plastic. I received an email from an administrator asking me to change my review. Obviously I refused, and my review was not posted and I went to look at the product. 6 reviews were then posted, with names ‘Lang’ and ‘Langley’, ‘Payal’ and ‘Pazia’, and ‘Abdul’ and ‘Abdieso’. The three pairs of reviews are written in the same garbled, poorly translated English, saying basically the same things, and posted one minute apart from each other.

    I wrote numerous emails to customer service urging them to allow my review to be posted so that people are not misled. I was told to rewrite my review, which I did. The new review was not posted either and I am not allowed by the website to post more reviews. Customer service also stopped replying to my messages asking to allow my review to be posted.

    Other issues that I experienced were that I ordered products and despite paying for expedited shipping, they did not ship for several weeks. I wrote customer service and they told me that the items were not in stock, despite the product page showing that the product is in stock.

    Basically though, it is the customer censorship and fake reviews that I want to expose. These things are highly unethical and I strongly urge people to not do business with a website that has these sort of practices.

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  4. BJ says:

    Had my cart loaded up and was ready to checkout and it seems as though they no longer offer free shipping. They wanted nearly $24 to ship. No thanks!

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